Friday, April 1, 2011

Stuff in the Shop

I make and sell cosmetics and bath & body products. All of my products are vegan-friendly (no beeswax, honey, silk or pearl powder, etc.) and I'm keeping it that way. So far, all of my products are 100% natural as well. I don't use artificial dyes or preservatives -- I only use mineral pigments like iron oxides and natural antioxidant preservatives like vitamin E. I ALWAYS list ALL of the ingredients used in every product, because I think that's important! I also use only natural essential oils rather than artificial fragrances or flavors. That is my preference, so if you like natural scents and flavors too, this is a good shop for you! Lots of shops on etsy use artificial scents/flavors and many of them fail to list ingredients and these are two things you will never see in my shop. Let's look at a few things I have for sale at the moment.

Stuff available now:
  • Shimmer Powder for Body -- Custom Scent
    • Moisturizing Lipstick (King Crimson)
    • Lots of Eyeshadows! (Cosmic Collection):
    • Kitty Glycerin Soaps with Cocoa Butter:
    • Peppermint Sugar Lip Scrub:
    • Coffee Luxe Lip Butter in a pot or a tube:
    And there's much more! I add stuff all the time, unless I'm playing catch-up with existing orders. It's just so much fun!

    Stuff That's Coming Soon:
    • New eyeshadow collection: Mushroom Collection
    • Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub
    • Tangereamsicle Sugar Lip Scrub (Tangerine and Vanilla)
    • Lavender Body Whip
    • Tangereamsicle Body Whip
    • Peppermint Kitty Glycerin Soap
    • Custom Pressed Eye Shadow Palette
    Stuff That's Coming Not Quite as Soon:
    • Lip Glosses!
    • Cream Blush
    • Even More Eye Shadow Collections
    So check it out and I hope you love everything! Please give feedback either way.

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