Friday, April 1, 2011

What's With the Cat?

I haven't written anything about Cosette yet, and when I started Cosette's Cosmetics a few months ago, I wasn't really sure why I picked that name. (For the record, Cosette does not help me make cosmetics. Actually she doesn't help me do anything else either.)

I think it's just because she's so special. Yes, I know everyone thinks their pets are special, but she just has a winning personality that charms the pants off everyone. I've heard my friends say things like, "I would trade lives with that cat," or non-cat-lovers say, "I would take that cat home with me." This cat is destined for greatness. She should do commercials. Or be my business mascot!

Confident and fearless, Cosette loves everyone and everyone loves Cosette. I envy that. So i keep her around to give me confidence when I need it, because starting a business is not so easy. She never lets me down. Besides, vegan products and animal lovers go hand-in-hand. If you have a very special pet, tell us about him or her in the comments!

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